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Crossed Destiny

A Soldier's Terms

Athrun Zala x Shinn Asuka Community
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Welcome! Crossed_Destiny is a community for fans of the relationship between Athrun Zala and Shinn Asuka of Gundam Seed Destiny (GSD).

If you don't like AthrunxShinn, Shinn or Athrun, there are lots of other communities for a coupling you may like. We're all just here to share the love and have fun. If you don't like yaoi (boy-boy relationships) or GSD this isn't the place for you.


. Intro .

We're Here For...:
・discussions, sharing opinions
・sharing of fanwork: artwork, fanfiction, vidoes, whatever media
・sharing pics, spoilers, whatever you wish to concerning GSD and Athrun x Shinn
・sharing the joy of Athrun x Shinn (^▽^)

Basic rules:
・please use a LJ-cut as much as possible for spoilers.
・no age restriction, but please give a warning or rating (G,R,PG-15,etc...), and use a lj-cut.
please remember some peope do not like mature/graphic content, and some people may be browsing at a public place where others can see their screen.
・never never NEVER steal or take anything from this community without asking; whether it be icons, fanart, anything.
・most importantly: enjoy Athrun x Shinn!!

. Community .

For All
Athrun x Shinn Colorbars Collection
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Online Fanart Protection
・Please do not take any icons/colorbars/images/banners/etc.. without asking
・I know it's tempting since there's alot of great fanwork out there, but please respect that someone took the time and effort to create that work
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